"It is with pleasure that we have this opportunity to write about a financial advisor who has managed our superannuation since retirement some 15 years ago. At that time, we had our superannuation in separate industry funds, and it was with some trepidation that we transferred everything to a large private fund and started with Steve as our financial advisor.

The only time we regretted that move was when Steve left that company. We waited anxiously while Abacus was being formed and are now transferring our superannuation funds to Abacus and are happy to be back with our favoured financial adviser, Steve Simioni.

Our knowledge of financial matters is rather limited. Thus, when we were considering retirement, we decided to approach someone with expertise in that field. As far as we can determine, Steve has managed the technical aspects of our superannuation funds equal to other experts. But the extra that Steve has provided is the time and effort he has devoted to learning our needs and aspirations. He has been able to work with us to ensure a comfortable retirement consistent with a fairly conservative attitude to risk.

We unreservedly recommend Steve Simioni.”

Brian and Shashi Miller.

"We first met Steve Simioni 20 years ago when we both retired.  The firm Steve was employed by at that time was one of three referred to us by our Superannuation Fund.  We made two appointments.  The first was with Steve and the other with another firm.

We spent an hour or so with him and felt extremely comfortable, so much so that we cancelled the other appointment, and have been receiving advice from Steve ever since.

We have been extremely happy with the advice he has given and we have no hesitation in recommending him.  We find him to be completely honest and trustworthy.  Although we don't see Steve socially, we consider him a friend ”

Nola and Bruce Stammers

"Steve Simioni has been our financial advisor for some years and when he left his previous firm to create Abacus Wealth Management Pty Ltd, we had no hesitation in remaining with Steve for our superannuation fund management.

Over the journey Steve has taken care in getting to know us, understand our philosophy on life and lifestyle and where our priorities lay for now and into the future.

In providing the financial advice Steve has put up various alternative investment scenarios for discussion in order to ensure we make an informed decision about our investment strategy and as a means of verifying that our decisions are consistent with our philosophy.

Part of this discussion includes ensuring both of us are “up to speed” with the proposal and checking for understanding as we progress through the discussion and decision making process – if Steve is unsure of our understanding he has no hesitation in explaining it in a different manner.”

Tony and Carol Dickinson